Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last week was Sasha's 22nd birthday! So on Friday night we went out for drinks at this place Dive Bar, mostly because it has a great terrace area, so we could sit outside and avoid all the usual too-loud problems of talking in a bar. Plus, we found this great red wall to pose with!

Sasha looks so classy and gorgeous with her thrifted white pumps! I am a little jealous of them.

And I broke out my patterned Forever 21 skirt for the millionth time because it's so comfy and cute. Also, this ring from Target that I forgot I had was a nice girly touch with my pink nails.

It was a great night, though kind of cold by the end. Luckily there was a hot dog cart right outside the bar to warm us and satiate our late night hunger.

Happy Birthday Sasha!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sasha! I love those white pumps and those jeans look FAB on you! :) Cheers!