Sunday, April 4, 2010

enjoy it now

dear readers,

life lately has been full of lovely things: spring & warm weather, passover & matzo ball soup, my birthday & lots of celebrating with wonderful friends, easter & eggs hunts. i've been busy enjoying all of these things and not taking too many pictures or uploading the few i have taken. here's a few links that caught my attention in the midst of wonderful spring things:
  • United States of Pop 2009 - just listen to it, if nothing else, you'll laugh
  • The Sartorialist's A Year in Fashion video
  • The quote in this Urban Weeds post:
    "I treat my body as a canvas. Fashion is a way to express yourself as a piece of art." - Alison Nicole, Wardrobe Stylist
  • IT'S OVER: Why I Broke Up With The Sartorialist from Male Pattern Boldness - don't get me wrong, i love the Sartorialist and plan to continue reading his blog frequently. this post sums up why i like to read a mix of blogs (from the Sartorialist to Uber Chic for Cheap) and read them for fun, because i like pretty things, and because i appreciate good photography. i do not let blogs dictate what i wear (although i certainly get some inspiration). 
  • this post, also from Male Pattern Boldness, discussing age appropriate dressing. seems fitting as i figure out what to wear from college studying and dance rehearsal to job interviews.
When I do get around to posting outfit pictures, I have some great new things to show off. Most important, my darling sister got me a beautiful necklace from Beads Story for my birthday and a found a great (seriously, real leather handmade in Spain) bag for $6 dollars at the thrift store yesterday. To top it off, my parents are getting me a GorillaPod for my birthday, which should improve my photo quality dramatically and generally be lots of fun to play with. 

Happy Spring, now go outside! (Ok, if you're reading this shortly after I post this at 9pm, you can wait until tomorrow to go outside.)

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