Sunday, April 18, 2010

blue jean baby

This is what happens when my roommate Anna (who has made guest appearances before) takes my picture. I laugh! And cause the picture to be out of focus. But Anna's a great photographer, so I even like a blurry shot.

Anna's also a great roommate because I can borrow scarves from her! The above scarf is hers. And it's gorgeous. And I wanna steal it! But I won't. That outfit is what I wore on Friday to a party for Clark's photo department at my professor's house. It was casual, but not too casual and cold, but not too cold. Jeans were my solution.

And guess what?

I love these jeans! They are from target and pretty perfect. So I wore them again today. And Anna took my picture again, causing me to be really silly again. I feel kind of like a cowgirl in this shirt, thus the pigtails.

Have a great week everyone!

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