Thursday, July 9, 2009

jackets and boots for summer, a sad state of affairs

so here's the beginning of our outfit posts. we're also going to try to do some street shots of people around our college campus and around worcester, if we can develop the balls to go up to people. sasha and i are working on it! we'll probably start by including some friends and co-workers....

this is what we wore to go out to a sushi dinner (at the greatest restaurant ever, baba) and our friend's housewarming party!

sasha just got this jacket on an amazing sale at forever 21 and has been incorporating it into almost every outfit she wears lately. it's lucky for her it's so cold out for july. if only the weather would get nicer, we could wear our lovely summer clothes and save things like jackets for the appropriate seasons.

i am benefitting clothing-wise from the weather as well, because i've been getting to wear my floral docs! i think they are definitely proliferating in popularity thanks to some other awesome bloggers and i can't resist something british and flowery.

the jacket is one of my prized possessions, it used to belong to my grandmother, who had amazing fashion sense. i have a few of her winter coats too. i love a denim jacket that has a little something extra, like puffed sleeves, embroidery, or both.

also, here's an extra special cameo by our adorable friend pia, in her adorable grey dress! it looks like it's right out of "mad men." and paired with fishy rainboots, you get classic pia.

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