Monday, July 20, 2009

a week in the life

we haven't posted in a while because we've been living our lives and now we'd like to share them with you.

we work together during the week, and play together almost every weekend (when we aren't living the life of jetsetters.) this past weekend was spent on sasha's part at home in new hampshire and on anna's part visiting friends in new york. so here's what happened the week prior!

on saturday day we went to a friend's birthday party, which resulted in some headache-y sleepy-ness the following day. (that is not coffee in that dunkin donuts mug...) ihop and naps in the sun didn't quite cure us, so we dragged ourselves for some delcious vietnamese food on sunday night.

then we went to work all week. sometimes it's just too much work to put together a nice outfit when you don't want to be getting out of bed in the morning, but here are some of our better mornings. mumble, the adorable cat, is pia's. and he loves cute clothes just about as much as a feline can.

now we are enjoying a monday evening drink and some raspberries, while listening to andrew bird.

gin + lemonade + basil = yummy

night night!

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