Saturday, July 11, 2009

the other day when it was (still) cold

Anna has just posted some lovely outfits and mentioned the beautiful sunny day (!) but on thursday is was like fall still. these outfits reuse a couple of items because we love them so.

i bought this vest for a dance show because i really wanted an excuse for a vest. the scarf is from a vendor that often comes to our university center with the most beautiful scarves. the jacket is a repeat of my recent very cheap and delightful forever twenty one purchase.
this isn't the best picture, but i was trying to wear the scarf in one big circle. pia didn't love the look, anna did, and i definitely think it's worth more experimenting.

i'm not really sure if there is a story behind much of anna's outfit besides that she looks beautiful. the scarf is actually the scarf i borrowed from her in our first outfit post.

great glasses necklace, don't you think?
we both had a whole host of great outfits yesterday, because we were photographed for a Clark photo shoot for the viewbook and other publicity (and got paid for it, since we work in admissions). sadly, we didn't get to take our own pictures.

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