Sunday, June 12, 2011

my turn

Ok, time to play catch up. Here are some more outfits from my mini hiatus.

First up is another version of my Free People shirt, remember the one with the birdies? When I saw this one (also on sale, thank you Macy's!) I kind of knew I had to get it.

I've pretty much been rocking this hairstyle every day that I don't wash my hair, which I probably embarrassingly more often than it should be. I always wanted to be one of those cool girls who wore a bun on top of her head, and my hair is finally long enough to be one! Goal accomplished. One step closer to self actualization.

(sorry about my messiness of my room! I can't get it together and be clean...not that close to self-actualization after all...)

Next is an outfit made possibly by the wonderfulness of H&M. Maxi skirt + scarf = easy summer weekend outfit! I've been wearing this skirt a lot. I can get away with it at work and it's so easy on the weekend, I can't help myself!

I hope everyone who might be reading this is having a great summer so far, involving lots of lovely summer clothes and enjoying of sunshine. I certainly am enjoying the easy-going nature of summer clothes, and finally getting used to the fact that I just can't wear layers in Florida heat. I'm also enjoying silly summer TV shows, So You Think You Can Dance, anyone??