Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spain is lovely

Not all that long ago, before many busy weeks at work and fun weekends and a delightful busy spring, my parents and I went to Spain to visit my sister!

Jet-lagged in Madrid and o-so-happy to see Nadia


botanic gardens in Madrid

desperately in need of spring after a long New England winter

jamón, so much jamón

churros & chocolate. yum.

garden wall at La Caixa in Madrid

Cuena y las casas colgadas, houses literally hanging over the gorge

driving from city to city and taking in the beautiful country

"Love Milk, Love Fruit, Love Chocolate"

more yum.

Granada was so pretty.

Semana Santa


La Mezquita in Cordoba

so much luggage. and I actually wore pretty much everything I brought. 

So, um, I'm back? I have a bunch of stuff to post, since it's been a couple of months...

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