Thursday, June 16, 2011

sunny days & short hair

I cut my hair! and it turned into summer! 

Well, not exactly like that. It was actually already a beautiful summer day when I cut my hair and for about a week (or two?) after. Since then it's been mostly rainy. Hey, Mother Nature? My straw fedora looks a little silly in the rain. 

Anyway, these were sunny day outfits!
This dress? The more than your money's worth, once Mom's, always receive compliments dress. It's by go to for a hot, summer day - I'm a big fan of guaranteed comfort & guaranteed compliments, you know? 

In other exciting summer news, 3 of my 4 herbs have sprouted and my tomato plants look great (though little yet)! And the farmer's market starts this weekend:-)

Final thoughts for the evening, if you haven't read Keiko and Gala's posts about body image and blogging, you should check them out:
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