Sunday, June 19, 2011

summer requirements

It's here. The thing we(Floridians)'ve all been dreading. Summer. You guys, it's terrible. It's super hot and humid and rains almost every day, but the rain doesn't make it any cooler or less humid! So there are a few summer essentials that make going outside almost bearable, which every Florida girl should know, as seen in the following pictures.

1) Summer dress. Light fabric, preferably floral or striped in my case. Above the knee a must, to maximize breeziness.

2) A good pair of sandals, appropriate for most occasions. A pair of really casual flip flops (like those great 2 for $5 pairs at Old Navy) and a nicer pair of sandals also works, but I like to kill two shoe birds with one shoe to speak.

3) Hair ties and bobby pins! To get my long hair off my neck and my bangs off my forehead.

4) Finally, you need a good attitude! The summer will be over soon, right?

I'm still working on that last one...

Oh, and don't forget lots of sunscreen! That's the real way to survive in the sun. Especially if you are a porcelain princess like me.

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