Wednesday, June 29, 2011

summer day: cotton dress, straw hat, sandals

This straw fedora is easily one of my favorite summer items. It goes with everything and almost every situation and it makes everything outfit that much more summer fun. 

This dress is from Target last summer, but they're selling it again this summer in so many pretty colors! Purple and turquoise, anyone? Quite possibly coming soon to this blog. 

And this is what my bag looks like on a busy, but organized morning:
keys, camera case (the flowered thing), sunglasses, iced coffee and smoothie - homemade breakfast to go, and of course my wallet, checkbook, and sparkly daily toiletries/make-up pouch
(and if you can't tell, it's a pretty big bag to carry all of that)

Today was kind of stressful at work (website technical issues and grant writer's block) but then I ended the day with a compliment on a different work thing, got a few little things fixed on my bike for less than  $10 and took a bike ride in the lovely lovely summer weather, and even had yummy leftovers so I had a great dinner with no cooking. It make tackling the website and grant tomorrow seem so totally doable. 


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